Thanks for checking us out! Let's get the business talk out of the way first....

In order to hold an appointment time, ALL bookings require a $100 non-refundable deposit which can be paid by credit/debit card, cash, or here on the website. Deposits are non-refundable and applied towards the total cost of your session. The balance is due at the time of your session. Click here to pay DEPOSIT now! 

Same day cancellations and no-shows forfeit deposit. In the event that you need to reschedule, we are happy to do so ONE time without losing your deposit.  The second time you reschedule the same appointment, you will lose your initial deposit and will have to put a new deposit to hold another date on the calendar. We ask that you give us the courtesy of 48 hours from your appointment for rescheduling to allow us to potentially book another client during that time. If the reschedule is less than 48 hours prior to your session, you will lose your deposit. Exceptions can be made for special circumstances which will be decided by BLUE Photography. Illness and weather conditions are understandable if the rescheduling time is less than 48 hours.

$400 ($300 Anthony Crouchelli Fitness Clients)

This is a Starter Shoot. Also great for basic updates! 
Includes: 1hr Session | up to 3 Looks | 2 Retouched Edits Included.
(Additional Edits $40/each OR 4 for $100 and $25 per image after that.)


THE ARTIST LOFT  | **Most Popular Session**
$500 ($400 Anthony Crouchelli Fitness Clients)
Standard Headshot Session. More flexibility and an all around fuller experience. Clients can also include BODY in this session as one of the looks to show off their progress and hard work. 
Includes: 2hr Session | up to 5 looks | 4 Retouched Edits Included.
(Additional Edits $40/each OR 4 for $100 and $25 per image after that.)



THE LOCKER ROOM  **The Body Shoot**
$250 ($200 Anthony Crouchelli Fitness Clients)
This session is geared towards fitness enthusiasts, dancers, trainers and anyone that wants to show off!  Shoot Includes: 2hr session | 1 clothed look + Body | 2 Retouched Edits
(Additional Edits $40/each OR 4 for $100 and $25 per image after that.)

It is recommended that you do NOT work out too hard (particularly abs) before this session. You should however plan on bringing resistance bands, or anything you need to get a good pump. 

$700 ($600 Anthony Crouchelli Fitness Clients)  | CompCard & Branding Session. 
Includes: up to 4hr Session | Unlimited Looks | 8 Retouched Images
(Additional Edits $40/each OR 4 for $100 and $25 per image after that.)

This is the "Monster Package" geared towards actors looking to do Commercial Print work or just fully branding themselves for website/social media/internet blasts, etc. Having the variety of photos can also be helpful for unrepresented actors looking to find agents. I've done a lot of this type of session through Legit and Commercial Agencies, and thought it'd be great to incorporate into my normal offerings. 

If you’ve selected this option, during your Headshot session, I will also be shooting additional photos that may include more movement, show more of your body, and just aren't limited to the standard headshot vibe. Lifestyle, Body, Editorial, etc are some of the other genres of images that your session may fall into. (Please see the examples to the left.) The idea is that after THE PENTHOUSE, you'll have a much wider variety of  images to play with than with any of the other sessions. 

THE PENTHOUSE is guaranteed to tire you out so you’ll want to make sure you are well rested and ready to rock it! A pre-shoot consultation is recommended to chat details and to get the most out of this shoot. 



LADIES: If you would like a makeup artist for your session, the ones I'd recommend using work regularly with actors on Broadway and TV. The rates vary from $125-175 for the session, depending on the available artist. This would need to be paid in cash to the MUA on the day of the session. NOTE: Please mention this during the booking process as it will be a factor in scheduling. 

MEN: If you have decent skin, I discourage using makeup. However, if grabbing a basic concealer or powder to hide blemishes or razor bumps, etc. will make you feel more comfortable during the shoot, by all means grab it. Only two men on the website have on makeup, you can see the results for yourself. Ultimately, the most important thing is for you to feel great!


Roughly 7-10 business days after the shoot, I will send you a link to view proofs. It typically includes between 150-300 pictures. You can share this with agents, colleagues, etc and have them help you to make your final selections.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Please note the images you receive will look great but they are unretouched. There is no polish on them. Please remember this when you share online or on social media. I ask that you keep it to 10-15 max of your favorite images and go posting huge chunks of your session. Managers and Agents are used to seeing proofs so they are fine; but please understand that yes, it is your face but it is also my work and I ask that you respect both of our artistry. The final products will always be more stunning to share to the masses...and why not show your fans the best that you've got!?!

You will need to send retouch requests to Larry within 1 month after your session. The number of photos you select is based on the package you selected (5th Floor Walkup, Artist Loft, etc.) Once you've made your selections, please email the file numbers (IMG_xxxx) or send the Favorites list from the gallery and we're in business!


Once you’ve received your proofs, a DVD can be burned of the high res images for you to have. I will only hold on to your shoot for roughly 6 months, so if you plan on going back in and getting more edits later, this might be a good idea. 

Get your proofs within 48 hours after your shoot.