Zani Jones Mbayise in new HIDDEN FIGURES (2017) Trailer!

Zani Jones Mbayise by Larry Hamilton - bluephotonyc
Andrea Jones-Sojola by Larry Hamilton-bluephotonyc

The trailer for HIDDEN FIGURES was just released and who do you see talking to her mother (played by Academy Award Nominee, Taraji P. Henson) but the bright, little Miss Zani Jones Mbayise! The film opens in January 2017 and also stars Academy Award Winners, Octavia Spencer and Kevin Costner. I will definitely be there to see this in January! Rock on Zani!!! I'm sure her talented parents are SO proud! 

Speaking of, Zani's mother, Andrea Jones-Sojola (who is also no stranger to the Big Screen) just finished the run of Newton's Cradle in the New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF) and got a beautiful mention in the New York Times

What a great time for this family! Check out the Hidden Figures trailer below!