Musical Theatre Factory (MTF) will present A STRANGE LOOP, with Lyrics, Music, and Book by Michael R Jackson.

A STRANGE LOOP is a concept musical that largely takes place within the mind of a young, black gay male musical theater writer named Usher who works in the back of the house at a long running Broadway show which serves as the literal and metaphorical backdrop for the internal war he wages against multiple forces that threaten his sense of personhood and agency. As these forces continue to swirl around him, they pick up strength, and Usher is swept into a painful confrontation with his long held perception of himself.

A STRANGE LOOP will be directed by Stephen Brackett with musical direction by Sean Cameron. The cast features Elijah Caldwell, Jamaal Clark Turpin, James Jackson, Jason Vessay, John-Andrew MorrisonLarry Hamilton, and Larry Owens.

A STRANGE LOOP takes place March 1st at 7pm and has a $12 suggested reservation at the door. $10 advance reservations can be made at http://mtf.nyc/events/a-strange-loop/

Musical Theatre Factory is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping musical theatre artists develop and present new work in a collaborative atmosphere free from the pressures of critical or financial success. More information can be found at www.MTF.nyc