RON TALIERCIO.  Silver Models | by Larry Hamilton

RON TALIERCIO. Silver Models | by Larry Hamilton

BLUE Photography occasionally extends free test shoots to select Models. From the test, BLUEPhotography will select and retouch 4-6 images. Images are provided in both High and Low Resolution for your online book/portfolio. I am currently working on BARE::EXHALE so interest in being a part of this is a plus. If you have already submitted for this series, please do no resubmit.

 from  BARE::EXHALE  by Larry Hamilton.

from BARE::EXHALE by Larry Hamilton.

BARE by BLUE Series

BARE:: EXHALE is an exploration of what happens when men strip off the emotional and spiritual layers of daily life.

Work, Romance, Societal expectations can all be a lot of weight on our shoulders...this series looks at the moment when you finally breathe. Story is the focus, so I've been referring to it as a "nude editorial". All models must be 18+ and comfortable with nudity. 

Just an FYI, there will be NO frontal nudity in the BARE series. It's my intention to keep the focus of the editorial on the story in each image. When there's frontal, that immediately becomes the main character. So models are covered with shadows or positioning, etc. and in the event that anything is showing, rest assured it will be tastefully edited out.

Images selected for the final cut of this series will NOT be shared with the models as the goal is to show them in a gallery. Images that are edited and not selected for the final cut will be sent to Models and you can share as you please. If you are not accustomed to sharing artistic nude images of yourself on social media, I will pay attention to that and crop or not share without your direct permission. Discretion is understandable as I would expect that same courtesy.

BARE::BOUND and BARE::SENSE are also projects I'm currently developing - with the latter being primarily a male/male couples oriented series. 


Please understand that Paid work will ALWAYS take priority so it may take time for you to receive images from the test. It all depends on the current amount of paid editing BLUE photography is handling.

If you would like to rush your edits, that is possible for a fee of $100 that will guarantee your edits within one week of your test session. Please let Larry know this before you shoot - so processing will be priority afterwards. Shots from the BARE Series (EXHALE, BOUND, or SENSE) will only be available as determined by BLUE Photography since they are part of larger projects and not meant to be publicly seen until those projects are unveiled. 

TO SCHEDULE YOUR TEST - Please use the Calendar Tool below. Disregard the deposit information as you will not need to put one down for this.